Pregnancy Event Calculator

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Weeks of Pregnancy Estimated Date Event
2 Weeks (0 dpo) Ovulation/Fertilization Date
4 Weeks (14 dpo) Home Pregnancy tests often positive
6-7 Weeks Fetus and fetal heart usually visible on transvaginal sonogram
9 Weeks Major fetal organs have all formed
11-13 Weeks U/S screen for Down syndrome (nuchal thickening) if indicated
13 Weeks 2 Days First Trimester ends
15-20 Weeks MSAFP
18-20 Weeks Optimal time to do anatomical sonogram
20-22 Weeks Fetus should be moving by now (Quickening)
23-24 Weeks Fetal viability begins
26 Weeks 4 days Second Trimester ends
26-28 Weeks Glucose Challenge Test (GCT) for diabetes If Rh-Negative receive RhoGam
28 Weeks Over 90% neonatal survival
32 Weeks Consider sonogram to check fetal growth
37 Weeks Term of pregnancy begins GBS testing between 35-37 weeks
40 Weeks (266 dpo) DUE DATE
41 Weeks Consider Fetal Evaluation
42 Weeks Postdate begins
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